Software Performance Testing

Performance testing is a process to touch every department of your companies and a vital part of software development.Either mobile-centric companies or web-centric companies , if your user can’t get what they want from you quickly , you will probably

Integrate Rest Assured and Allure

Rest Assured and Allure Report is two popular tool for testing.Rest Assured is using for API testing and Allure Report is using for create detailed reports about tests.To see our request and response more detailed using this tools we need to add a line to

Talk like Pythonista 1 - Data Types

In programming languages data types using to represent and understand the value of data.Beside of that , we can decide what operations can be performed on data.Each programming languages has same approaches generally , but it is not standartized and every languages has their data type classification.

In Python , we’ve got


Talk like Pythonista 0

Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language.It created by dutch programmer Guido Van Rossum, under an OSI-approved open source license.

In every websites, books and even its logo shows a Python snake.Contrary common belief , it is not taking its name from this animal.One day when Guido was working on his project, he had been watching “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, a BBC comedy series from the 1970s.Then he decided call it Python,because it was short, unique and slightly mysterious name for him.

When we look to the history of Python, it is going to take to lead.Growing fastly.Today is #1 language if we doesn’t count elderly brothers Java and C.And some areas like A.I and Data Science it is must to learn programming language.Besides, most of universities giving entry level courses like Intoduction to Computer Science with Python, and it is affect the popularity also.The main reasons of this popularity, it is open source , easy to learn , running on multiplatform, has so many libraries and has a great community behind.Also big companies like Google, Wikipedia, Instagram, Spotify and Amazon using Python in their projects.

Puppeteer supports Firefox now.

Puppeteer is browser test automation tool developed by Chrome Developer Team.It is announced Chrome Dev Summit 2017 first, and released at January 2018.This node based library increases popularity day by day.Puppeteer promises that ease to use , 100x faster test run , working with CI/CD pipelines like travis.To make quick intoduction to puppeteer please read my post about Puppeteer from this link

Last week , in Google I/O ,Chrome developers announced new features of Puppeteer.By virtue of collabration of Mozilla , Puppeteer now support Firefox too.It is experimental phase now and 90% of project is done.You can easily find from this link which API’s are ready.To write a script for firefox you need to change just one line after when you installed firefox-puppeteer.

const puppeteer = require('puppeteer-firefox')

Another improvement announced about mobile device profile set.Puppeteer comes with 100+ device profile to test your modern web pages with real device sizes.Also you can test your web pages with new “Offline Mode” support, without cutting your connection of device.

await page.setOfflineMode(true)

If you want to learn more depth about new features watch video in below

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