2019 , Welcome to ME!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic , the truth reason of Zlatan Facts. He has a different life mentality , egoism and passion.He is using his fiery and rebel , on the pitch and also his acts.As you know , sometimes acts of him become the main topic of conversation rather than his football.

One of them is his famous words after rejecting Arsenal’s trial when he was playing on Ajax , “Zlatan doesn’t do auditions”.Examples like that we can see about Zlatan , in the following career of him.Also this arrogant personality of him become his marketing success.When he transferred to Manchester United ,Red Devils announced his joining to team with #ZlatanTime hashtag and they created a banner for him.”Manchester , Welcome to Zlatan”.

Today is a last day a 2018 , i think i need to write what happened in this year or what will be happen in 2019.Yes i didn’t post consistently , but this is also last chance to post under date of 2018.First of all , the hardest part of start to writing something is the title.It must be first-sight love to attract people to read.By the way this title has also include a message from me.Every people waiting to change in new year and making a wishes from the new year.My point should be different , i didn’t want to write all best wishes , i want to say that the change is not inside the calendar dates, inside ourselves.( Yes this year i’m starting to write personal development book :D ). Then welcome message of Zlatan come to my mind.”2019 , Welcome to ME”.You can change ME with your name.The message inside in this title ; 2019 is not come , we are going throught to it on the time train and it is like a city on the road.

Shortly in this year (2018), i changed my job started to work at Sony GSI , and i lost 10 kg from my weight.(Last week i gain 2-3kg but i don’t count :) ).I want to share my thanks with my dietitian Buse Erten to her helps. -Also she is my friend from University- .I changed my blog language to English and i decide to never write in Turkish. The reason is here.

For new year , i have some aims of course , one of them is writing blog post regularly.I hope i will accomplish it.Because of that i’m saying again , “2019 welcome to me”.